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MEGA GERM VS MEGA MAN by star-shaper
look guys i did my entry already

so these are mega evolutions for the cool contest by :iconpapermachei: !! dont pay attention to the weird background

070- Mega-Syndroam
The Plague Pokemon
Poison/Dark Type
Ability: Aftermath
Added Moves: Explosion, Self Destruct, Sonic Boom, Rollout, Gyro Ball

Syndroam > w/ Syndroamite > Mega-Syndroam
070 Syndroam by Papermachei

072- Mega-Olfastache
The Immune Pokemon
Poison/Fighting Type
Ability: Justified
Added Moves: Superpower, Seismic Toss, Acrobatics, Comet Punch, Retaliate

Olfastache > w/ Olfastachite > Mega-Olfastache
072 Olfastache by Papermachei

when trying to come up with concepts for this pair of SICK mons, i searched stuff like germs and viruses and stuff like that. I couldnt think of the name of the things that ward off viruses was, and then i remembered that lucario movie where there was that flood of goopy cells and i remembered! antibodies! so then i found a cool picture where a bunch of Y-shaped antibodies were infiltrating a big bomb-shaped virus. Then i knew what i would do! i made syndroam's mega first, with a voltorb/electrode idea in mind, kind of like a big round toxic bomb that explodes and releases germs/spores when doing so. then i went to olfastache's mega. this one was much easier to design. I made the big nose resemble one of those silly nose-glasses disguises. next i just shaped its mustache arms into a y-ish shape. its hands ended up looking like noses as well, so i went with it lol. theyre supposed to resemble superheroes and supervillains, btw. greatly inspired by ozzy & drix, and when i took bio two years ago.

Eggplant Parm by star-shaper
Eggplant Parm
i didnt feel like making a bg

i hope everyone had a great easter(those who celebrate)!! i didnt put a buttload of effort into this but im kind of happy with the result. i hope you guys like itttttt


teams if you'd like to know:

ash- pikachu, falcara, panferno, merbrine, dandet
female- fwarff, anolet, prissycat, thuntoe
male- platide, senkaga, hobrawl, wolpilfer

058-Goblob by star-shaper
he may not look like it yet, but hes the machop/timburr of my unnamed region. he kind of looks like a pig but it was unintentional lol

058-Goblob(Goblin + Blob
The Goblin Pokémon
TYPE: Fairy/Fighting
ABILITIES: Sheer Force/Guts/Reckless
GOBLOB live under bridges and congregate near caves. They prefer moist air and cold living quarters. Choosing darker areas by choice, their eyesight is shockingly poor. The feelers on their head make up for this shortcoming, sensing vibrations.

Goblob>> lvl 27 >>Hobrawl>> Trade >>Ultimimp

109-Wolpilfer by star-shaper
i seriously love this one. i suddenly started liking smaller single stages, mostly because of gens 1 and 2. the inspiration was quite obviously sneasle for it, but i tried to keep it original. i dont rly know if i did that tho....

109-Wolpilfer(Wolpertinger + Pilfer)
The Bandit Pokémon
TYPE: Ground/Dark
ABILITIES: Pickpocket/Prankster
Most trainers decide to not pursue POKéMON like WOLPILFER. They think differently than most, looking at situations like games, and prefer to take the prize. They are born with two small horns, and one randomly starts to grow later on in its lifetime. They hide prized possessions (often stolen ones) in their 'sleeves' of fur.

Wolpilfer does not evolve.

100-Thuntoe by star-shaper
thuntoe is inspired by roadrunners and dinosaurs, and it quickly became one of my absolute favs of all my mons. i think hes p cool

100-Thuntoe(Thunder + Toe
The Lightning Fast Pokémon
TYPE: Electric/Ground
ABILITIES: Lightning Rod/Motor Drive/Speed Boost
THUNTOE are hardly ever seen physically in a solitary spot, because they are always on the run. They move at ultra-fast speeds, nearly the speed of lightning. Because of their speed, it is highly uncommon to actually see them when they sprint rather than the dust clouds left behind them. Their tiny hands make menial tasks rather difficult, though.

Thuntoe does not evolve


which starter do you choose? 

8 deviants said flarbit(fire)
7 deviants said sepalsar(grass)
7 deviants said iguago(water)…

lol when ur old design is used in a fake leak

i love vp

ofc the thread was deleted right after i made this journal so heres screenshots
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